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Man with sciatica pain

Sciatica Treatment
in Panama City Beach

Sciatica is a condition characterized by pain, numbness, and weakness along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down the legs. It can be caused by a variety of conditions such as a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease.

At Beachtown Health & Wellness, we specialize in resolving the underlying causes of sciatica through methods such as spinal corrective care, non-surgical spinal decompression, reducing inflammation, correcting muscular imbalances, and improving movement patterns. These methods can help to alleviate pain and inflammation, and promote long-term healing, without the need for more invasive procedures.

It is important to note that each patient is unique, and a comprehensive assessment is needed to determine the best course of treatment for the individual. Our team of healthcare professionals will work closely with each patient to develop a personalized plan that addresses the underlying causes of their sciatica.



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