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Meet Dr. Tyler Gregory,
Owner/Clinic Director

Chiropractor Panama City Beach, Dr. Tyler Gregory

Fighting Off Injury

Dr. Tyler was an active athlete in high school, playing both baseball and football. As a freshman in high school, a sports injury left him with a fractured vertebra. This caused him to be sidelined for 6 months and involved a long road to recovery with bracing and physical therapy.

Once cleared to play again, he still suffered with chronic back pain and weakness. He also began to develop shin splints and struggled to focus in the classroom. Like many kids today, he was labeled ADD/ADHD and put on medication. Without knowing any better, he followed the doctor’s recommendations throughout high school. This involved severely restricting his athletic training and taking medication to mask the symptoms he experienced on a daily basis.

Fast forward a few years, and Dr. Tyler injured his back again – this time fracturing two vertebrae. Again, he went through bracing and rehab and missed a full season of baseball. Once he was cleared again, he decided to seek out someone to address the underlying weakness, rather than covering up his symptoms with medication.

A First Encounter With Integrated Healthcare

At this point, Dr. Tyler began to see a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals that took a comprehensive approach to his problems and the entire trajectory of his life changed. After a few weeks of this team correcting his body as a whole, not only did he no longer have back pain, but he also saw relief from the shin-splints he had experienced. A few months into care, and Dr. Tyler could train unrestricted and, to his surprise, began to be able to focus in school without the use of medication.

It was at this point that Dr. Tyler realized the amazing healing power of the human body. The body is designed to heal and function, and addressing the root cause of his condition had removed the underlying weaknesses. He was functioning normally again, his pain was gone, and he no longer needed medication to mask the symptoms.

Dr. Tyler Gregory w/ pediatric patient

Dr. Tyler went on to play Division-1 college baseball, eventually becoming a 1st-Team All-Conference selection. He attributes much of his success to this multidisciplinary team that helped him heal, as he was able to play pain-free and reach his full potential.

After experiencing the amazing benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management in his own life, Dr. Tyler set out to help individuals experience true health and a better way of life.

With the understanding that true health comes from within, Dr. Tyler made it his mission to educate, empower, and naturally improve the lives of families in his community through specific, scientific corrective care.

Making the Most of Life in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach holds a special place in our hearts, being our childhood vacation destination and the place we were married. We love participating in all our community has to offer, and enjoy the year-round fantastic weather, exercising, and fishing in our kayaks.

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