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Beachtown Health & Wellness Reviews

Green Google reviews bannerWhat Our Panama City Beach Patients Say

At Beachtown Health & Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Beachtown Health & Wellness care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Walking With A Cane

I was walking with a cane and wearing a knee brace. I tried everything including cortisone injection. 3 weeks ago I decided to try this place out. I am so thankful I did. I feel great and my knee is healing well. I can walk again without pain or my knee feeling weird.
– Vicki H.

Anxiety, Nervousness

Before I began chiropractic care, I was unable to travel without severe anxiety and panic attacks. Now, my anxiety has completely subsided! I can now enjoy new experiences with my family!

Amazing Results

I have been receiving treatment for Neuropathy and the results have been amazing. I would recommend this office to everyone. The staff is friendly and easy to work with.

-Thermon E.

Asthma and Ear Infections

My daughter, Emma Kate, had several ear infections resulting in hearing loss. She also had asthma and was using her inhaler once a day. Since starting chiropractic care, Emma hasn’t had an ear infection in four months, her hearing is back to normal and she’s only used her inhaler once in four months!


Jared’s mom reports:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved speech & vocabulary
  • Improved demeanor
  • Improved social interaction

Immediate Improvement

We began seeing improvements from the first adjustment. Now with chiropractic care, Jared’s worst days are so much better than his best days were 2 years ago! It’s been a blessing to Jared and our family!
– Michelle (Jared’s mom)

Less Pain

My back pain had gotten so bad that I was having to crawl from room to room after getting out of bed. I am now able to go through my day with minimal amount of pain. I have also been able to decrease taking pain medication throughout the day.

Cerebral Palsy

My daughter, Madeline, has cerebral palsy. This made her unable to raise her arms over her head and she could only walk with a walker. Since starting chiropractic care, she can raise her hands above her head, and walk unassisted because of her improved balance!
– Julie (mom)

Constipation, Thyroid, Sleeping Problems, Rapid Heart Beat

Since chiropractic care, I have been able to reduce my thyroid medication, and my shortness of breath and arthritis are much better! My constipation, sleeping problems, and rapid heart beat are all gone!

Decreased Frequency of Pain

I have seen significant improvement in the frequency and severity of my bouts of depression, and all of my pain symptoms!

Digestion, Hip pain, Headaches

Chiropractic care has taken away some of the pain that kept me inactive. Now I’m able to be more active. My hip pains has completely disappeared and my headaches have improved.

Ear Infections, Allergies, Asthma

My son, Brayden, was suffering from chronic ear infections, allergies, and asthma. Since starting chiropractic care, Brayden has experienced no ear infections and improved allergies and asthma!

No Ear Infections

Hudson was having ear infections on a monthly basis for 9 months prior to chiropractic care and was consistently on antibiotics. Since he began chiropractic care, he has not received any antibiotics for ear infections.


I used to struggle with eczema. Since starting chiropractic care, I have seen huge progress and it has significantly improved!

Headaches and Back Pain

I work on my feet for 8 hours a day and was experiencing a lot of back pain and headaches. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care, I’ve had almost no back pain and no headaches!

No More Pain Medication

When I started chiropractic care, I had constant headaches, tingling in my arms, and neck and back pain. I can now say that my headaches are gone and the tingling has stopped! The pain in my neck and back is also gone, and I am able to live without pain medication.
– David

Hearing Loss

Since I was a small child, I have had problems with my hearing. I have had over 20 ear surgeries and still struggled with hearing loss and ear congestion. The day after my first adjustment I felt my ears clear up, and could hear 85% better!

Heart Palpitations/ Anxiety

I used to have severe heart palpitations which resulted in passing out and anxiety attacks. Since chiropractic care, I have seen huge improvement in my heart palpitations and anxiety levels. I generally feel so much better than before!

Feeling Great!

I was going to have to quit my job officiating high school football and basketball due to intense knee pain. After consistent chiropractic care, I feel great! My legs are strong and I can move much more easily. I actually feel good when I walk off the field or court!
– Art

Low Back Pain

Prior to care, I was in extreme pain and unable to walk due to low back pain. I couldn’t even pick up my children. Now, I can complete my daily activities and hold my children and play free from pain!


When I began chiropractic care, I was having trouble regulating my blood pressure even while on an antihypertensive. At a recent visit to my general practitioner, my blood pressure medication was cut in half.
-Kathy M.

Reduced Medications

Chiropractic has allowed me to reduce my medications from 43 to 3!
– Jackie


Before chiropractic care, I had 6 migraines per month. I am a nurse, and it was devastating being unable to help others due to my condition. Within a week of chiropractic care, I could tell a difference. I have since been able to quit taking migraine medication!

Pain Gone

I am very active and have experienced trauma that lead to shooting head pain and neck pain/stiffness. At my job, I am required to sit and look down all day. After 3 months of chiropractic care, my shooting head pain is nonexistent, and my neck pain/stiffness in much better!

No More Migraines

Before chiropractic care, I was having up to three migraines weekly. Since being under care I have not had a SINGLE MIGRAINE!
– Brooke


I was having difficulty playing with my great grandchildren. Since starting chiropractic care, I can report better mobility and happier interaction with my great grandchildren!
– Judy A.

Newborn Babies

We started the girls under chiropractic care after they were a week old. We have had no major issues thus far with any sickness or colic. We have been fortunate to have really healthy, happy baby girls.
– Adrienne C.


I began care early in my pregnancy to try to help with pelvic and low back pain and headaches. All of these improved greatly! I had a very healthy pregnancy (even being labeled high risk with twins). I believe chiropractic prevented me from developing medical complications and helped me deliver healthy babies at 36 weeks!

Now Enjoyng an Active Lifestyle

I used to have headaches multiple times a week, and migraines every month that would last close to 36 hours. It added so much stress to my busy schedule. In the last two years, I’ve gone from constant scoliosis back pain and headaches, to a very active lifestyle. I rarely get headaches, and the migraines are close to non-existent!

Sinus Infections

I began chiropractic care with aches and pains from sinus infections. After chiropractic care, I am so excited that my immune system is functioning better. Since being under care, I haven’t had a single sinus infection!

Sleep Deprivation

Before chiropractic care, I was unable to sleep, resulting in me lying in my recliner. Since beginning chiropractic care, I can finally sleep in my own bed again!

Vision/ Neck Pain/ Back Pain

When I first started chiropractic care, I was suffering from severe back pain, neck pain, digestive trouble, and reoccurring visual issues. After my first week of adjustments I found hope for relief. My vision is getting better and my neck pain is completely gone! I continue to see improvements in my health.
-William L

Neck & Back Pain

I truly appreciate the intelligent, friendly doctors and staff at this office. I’m a mother, nurse, and wife who had started to experience pain in my neck and back. Dr. Tyler helped me trust his process to help correct my issues. Such a difference since I started going!!

-Leslie D

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